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Your Neighborhood's #1 Landscape Company


At Custom Cuts Horticulture and Design we believe your plants and trees represent a growing investment that's worth protecting.

Our staff of professionals can help you design and maintain a landscape to accent your properties natural beauty without breaking your budget.

Creating a beautiful and functional landscape requires a  knowledge and expertise that Custom Cuts Horticulture and Design's 20 years of experience can bring to your home.

Our landscaping services include:

    • Installation of Tree, Shrubs, Annuals and Perennials
    • Pruning of Trees and Shrubs
    • Removal of Trees and Shrubs
    • Landscape Design and Installation
    • New Lawn Installation
    • Drainage & Standing Water Remediation
    • Aeration/Over-Seeding
    • Fertilization
    • Spring and Fall Clean-Up
    • Leaf Removal
    • Hardscape Design and Installation
    • Lawn Maintenance Programs

Landscape Planning and Design

We have experienced experts in all phases of landscape 
construction and design to help create a beautiful, functional
and lasting landscape that you will enjoy for years.

Tree Removal

Custom Cuts Horticulture and Design can remove smaller trees to make room for a newer, more functional and beautiful landscape.

Property Drainage & Standing Water Remediation

Improperly graded yards and poorly drained water can cause sinking patios, damaged walkways and driveways, and even cracks to your home’s foundation. Lawns with poor or improper drainage can cause  diseases in the lawn, harbor mold, kill shrubbery, and become breeding ground for mosquitoes in standing water.

A proper drainage system is necessary for ensuring a beautiful and healthy lawn and can be completely aesthetic as well. Some of the options available include French drains, perforated pipe, dry creek beds and gravel.

Custom Cuts Horticulture and Design will work with you to determine your needs.

Sod Removal and Installation
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New sod can be the perfect solution for the lawn that just wont respond to any other treatments.

After removal of the affected area, Custom Cuts Horticulture and Design will rework and replace the damaged soil and replace it with top soil to ensure your new lawn will take root quickly.

We will replace the lawn with freshly harvested sod that will grow
into a healthy and beautiful lawn you will be proud to show off to
your friends and neighbors.

When replacing sod, it is also a good time to add or remove any landscaping and hardscape features that have been on your to do list. Custom Cuts Horticulture and Design can help you plan and execute those ideas to bring your yard up to it's full potential.

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